Michigan State University Opens Malting Barley Quality Lab

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In July, Michigan State University opened a Malting Barley Quality Lab designed to serve malting barley producers and processors in reemerging markets. The new facility seeks to provide quality testing for the growing number of barley growers and craft maltsters who provide locally sourced ingredients for craft brewers across the country.

It is important for malting barley growers to understand the quality requirements of maltsters and brewers, to ensure that their crops are of acceptable malting and brewing quality. The lab’s testing capabilities include test weight, moisture, kernel size assortment, protein, germination energy, germination capacity, water sensitivity, RVA (measuring pre-harvest sprout) and DON.  The Brewers Association is proud to have contributed $22,000 in funding to purchase key pieces of testing equipment, through the annual technical grant funding process.

For more information about malting barley or malt production, contact Ashley McFarland or visit MSU’s website.