Mandi McKay Joins BA Sustainability Subcommittee

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The Brewers Association is pleased to announce the addition of Mandi McKay to the sustainability subcommittee.

Mandi is the Sustainability Manager for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, where she directs the company’s environmental initiatives, including zero waste, energy and water efficiency, greenhouse gas reductions, alternative transportation, and environmental advocacy.

The sustainability subcommittee has produced a series of manuals that address wastewater, energy usage, solid waste reduction, water conservation, and sustainable building and design. The ongoing sustainability benchmarking project has yielded several annual reports designed to help brewers of all sizes improve their efficiency while reducing costs associated with waste and utility usage.

“I am excited to serve on the sustainability subcommittee and contribute to the future growth and success of our industry.” Mandi added that, “Sierra Nevada recognizes and values the efforts of the Brewers Association to provide resources, guidance, and support that benefit all craft brewers.”

The subcommittee members include: Carol Cochran, Christian Ettinger, Matt Gacioch, Saul Kliorys, Peter Kruger, Mandi McKay, Walker Modic (Co-Chair), John Stier, Luke Truman, Katie Wallace (Co-Chair), and Brewers Association staff members Paul Gatza, Damon Scott, Chuck Skypeck, and Chris Swersey.

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