Lauren Torres and Melissa Antone Hired to Bolster Basics of Beer Quality Workshops

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Brewers Association is excited to announce Lauren Torres as quality instructor and Melissa Antone as quality trainer for upcoming Basics of Beer Quality Workshops. Lauren will work with current quality instructor, Mary Pellettieri, to execute the next two workshops, and will take over the lead instructor role for three additional workshops, in 2018.

Lauren Torres entered the brewing industry shortly after graduating from Kalamazoo College with a B.A. in chemistry. She currently serves as lab manager at Bell’s Brewery, Inc., where she leads a dedicated team involved with chemistry, microbiology, and sensory analysis. Lauren has also taught the Siebel Institute of Technology’s Quality Course, and has presented at local and national conferences for the American Society of Brewing Chemists, American Society for Quality (ASQ), Craft Brewers Conference, and Master Brewers Association of the Americas. Additionally, Lauren judges in various professional beer competitions, both locally and internationally.

Torres states, “It’s an honor to join the Brewers Association team as quality instructor, and I am elated to follow the distinguished Mary Pellettieri. I have had the fortune of working and building my skills at a quality oriented brewery, and look forward to sharing knowledge and networking with fellow brewers across the country!”

Melissa Antone will assist with the hands-on training portion of the Basics of Beer Quality Workshops. Her passion for beer started while studying biology at the University of Delaware and working for Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant. She eventually relocated to Colorado and joined the quality assurance department at Avery Brewing Company, where she worked in the lab and developed a formal sensory program. Antone later joined Cara Technology Ltd. and AROXA®, providing sensory training to craft brewers. Currently, with Kathinka Labs, she specializes in quality assurance, and trains brewers in both lab analysis and sensory evaluation.

“It is with great enthusiasm that I join the Brewers Association in spreading the message that producing high quality, defect-free beer will bring continued success to independent craft brewers. I am thankful to those who have empowered me with the skills and knowledge to focus on brewery quality, and I am honored to teach what I’ve learned to other brewers,” added Antone.

The Basics of Beer Quality Workshop is a full-day, hands-on class that covers fundamentals of brewing microbiology and physical analysis commonly used for quality assurance in small breweries. Each workshop is hosted by a craft brewery, or university, and allows attendees to interact directly with equipment and materials with the guidance of experienced instructors.