Josh Van Zee Joins BA Draught Beer Quality Subcommittee

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The Brewers Association (BA) is pleased to announce the addition of Josh Van Zee to the draught beer quality subcommittee. Josh has worked at New Belgium Brewing Company since 2002, initially as kegging operator and packaging supervisor. He currently serves as New Belgium’s high plains field quality manager and covers a seven-state territory in the Midwest/Mountain region. “I want to ensure that great draught beer reaches our customers,” said Josh. “I am ardent in illustrating the positive impact that impeccable quality can have on craft beer sales.”

The draught beer quality subcommittee focuses on delivering high quality draught beer at retail. Subcommittee activities include publication of the Draught Quality Manual,, presentations at the Craft Brewers Conference and other allied trade gatherings and draught quality workshops. The subcommittee members are Michael Benz, Bridget Gauntner, Rob Gerrity, Ken Grossman, Jaime Jurado, Charles Kyle, John Mallett, Matt Meadows (Chair), MillerCoors colleagues Jeff Bell, Todd Blondis, Peter J. Coors and Ernie Jimenez, David Lujan, David Munro, Jeff Schaefer, Ken Smith, Josh Van Zee, Neil Witte and Brewers Association staff members Paul Gatza, Pete Johnson, Charlie Papazian, Bob Pease, Damon Scott, Chuck Skypeck, Chris Swersey and Shane Wood.

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