Guidance on the Creation of Standard Operating Procedures

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In business as usual, creating and following standard operating procedures (SOPs) are an integral part of brewery safety plans, hazard assessment, or training programs. With the global pandemic and economic crisis in our midst, production schedules are unpredictable, and brewery workers are experiencing heightened emotional and mental fatigue. Now more than ever it is crucial to implement tools to protect people and equipment. Having a uniform and easy-to-follow procedure for performing routine tasks can greatly improve the safety of brewing operations and the quality of beer.

The Standard Operating Procedures Guidance for Brewers was created by the Brewers Association Quality Subcommittee to provide a concise and accessible outline for creating and maintaining SOPs. SOPs will look different based on the specific company and task performed, but the fundamentals are applicable to each and every brewery. Rule number one is “keep it simple,” and this is exactly what this resource aims to be.