Get Ready for American Craft Beer Week, May 16-22, 2022

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Small and independent craft breweries have never been shy about trying new things. Mixing it up. Popping the proverbial hood and rebuilding classic styles with a unique twist.

Back in the day, the pioneering craft breweries turned the beer world upside down, believing that beer-drinker palates were ready to branch out from industrial lagers and explore deeper, bolder flavors.

This revolutionary ethos persists. It’s part of the craft brewing community’s DNA. And this year’s American Craft Beer Week is all about celebrating the iconoclastic, rulebook-tossing spirit that craft brewers share.

The call for beer lovers is to get on board and experience something new. Something different. Something daring. It’s a time to “drink outside your comfort zone” and “turn your beer world upside down.” Try special beers. Lean into a new style. Whatever captures the dynamism of the American craft brewing movement.

Your mission, as craft brewers, is to lead the charge once again, and challenge your fans to join you on this continued journey into the unknown. And we’re going to help you. We’ve created a bunch of creative assets to help you rally beer lovers in celebration of your creativity and passion.

So, that’s the plan. Let’s do this!

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