Chula Vista Brewery Wins 2020 Hop Survey Sweepstakes

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Chula Vista Brewery, located in Chula Vista, California, is this year’s lucky winner of the 2020 Brewers Association Hop Usage Survey sweepstakes. Chula Vista will receive a 44-pound box of 2019 Cascade hops from Tributary Hop Farms, courtesy of Yakima Chief Hops. This lot of hops won the 2020 Cascade Cup, as judged by the Hop Quality Group.

We reached out to Chula Vista and Tributary Hop Farms for comment. Here’s what they said:

Chula Vista Brewery:

I am brewing on a 5bbl system, so the 44lbs will go a long way for me. I feature Cascade in most of our beer styles. It is our “house hop” if you will. So the first brew that comes to mind, as these hops are award winning from Tributary Hop Farms, is a classic solo hopped pale ale. I will also try some in my GABF Bronze winner for American brown ale, “Browner than Ivan.” After those, I suppose they will go into some awesomely dank West Coast IPAs. 

Again, super stoked to have our name pulled out of the hat! We are a very small brewery with plans for our second location in planning, so free hops are very welcomed! 

James Hodges, Chula Vista Brewery

Tributary Hop Farms:

This has certainly been a year of unprecedented challenges for all of us. Open, transparent communication throughout the supply chain has never been more important. The Brewers Association Hop Usage Survey is the best avenue for the craft brewing industry to collectively communicate to its hop supply chain which hop varieties are needed, and in what volumes, to continue to support sustainable growth and the security of the supply of this critical ingredient. We’re proud to support this effort and thank all of the brewers who participated. 

Congratulations to Chula Vista Brewery in California. Our team at Tributary Hop Farms was honored to win the Cascade Cup at the 2020 American Hop Convention and we can’t wait to see what you do with these hops. Our team’s commitment to quality is best reflected in the amazing beers that our brewer friends make, and I can’t wait to unwind from hop harvest with a glass of your single hop pale ale. Cheers! 

Patrick Smith, Tributary Hop Farms 

The Brewers Association would like to thank Tributary Hop Farms, Yakima Chief (who supplied the hops), and all brewers who completed the 2020 Hop Usage Survey.

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