Brewers Association Publishes Malting Barley Characteristics for Craft Brewers

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The pipeline subcommittee of the Brewers Association (BA) technical committee has identified barley malt needs specific to all-malt brewers which differ from the current North American barley malt supply. These needs are communicated in Malting Barley Characteristics for Craft Brewers. This aspirational document identifies gaps and bridges in the current barley malt market and enumerates ideal barley malt attributes from the perspective of all-malt brewers.

U.S. craft brewers already consume more than 25% of the total malt consumed by brewers in the U.S. That proportion has grown rapidly in recent years and continues to increase.

The purpose of the document is to clearly communicate the needs of all-malt beer brewers to all barley malt industry stakeholders, from the perspective of craft brewers. The BA believes that it represents important, modest and achievable targets.

Read more and review the full document.

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