Brewers Association Announces Draught Beer Line Safety Survey

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In accordance with the Susan Harwood Training Grants Program, the Brewers Association is conducting a needs assessment to inform content and programming for a draught beer line safety training program. During October, two focus group sessions were held with the Brewers Association Safety and Draught Beer Quality Subcommittees. Feedback from these focus groups was used to create a survey for distribution to target industries for the training program: employees and employers of breweries, beer retail establishments, beverage distribution companies, and line cleaning companies in the United States.

The short, online survey will gather information on participant demographics to determine eligibility in the training program. Additionally, the survey includes a safety knowledge assessment that will help to identify where gaps exist in understanding of critical safety practices such as hazard assessment and communication. In addition to this needs assessment, training materials will be informed by the lead instructor, Brewers Association Safety Ambassador Matt Stinchfield, and an advisory committee made up of industry experts. The Brewers Association training program will be designed to aid participants in OSHA compliance and encourage safer working practices for draught beer line cleaning and maintenance.

The Susan Harwood Training Grants Program funds grants to nonprofit organizations, including community and faith-based groups, employer associations, labor unions, joint labor-management associations, and colleges and universities. The grants will provide education and training programs to help workers and employers recognize serious workplace hazards and implement injury prevention measures.

The Brewers Association, at the time of initial publication of this document in November 2020, is funded by $79,725 federal funds, which constitutes 100 percent of the program budget. 0 percent, or $0 of the program budget, is financed through non-governmental sources.