BA Technical Brewing Projects Coordinator Elected Northwest Region Rep for National Barley Improvement Committee

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Chris Swersey, technical brewing projects coordinator at the Brewers Association (BA), was recently elected to the American Malting Barley Association’s National Barley Improvement Committee (NBIC). Located in Salmon, Idaho, Chris will represent the Northwest region. According to the American Malting Barley Association, NBIC is a coalition representing the entire U.S. barley industry: growers, users, and researchers. The NBIC’s major purpose is to be an advisor/advocate regarding how federal barley research funding is directed. 

Chris brings to this position extensive technical and practical brewing experience. In his position at the BA, he is charged with identifying craft brewer barley malt needs, communicating those needs to supply chain stakeholders including breeders, growers, maltsters and dealers, deploying BA resources to achieve those needs. Chris will continue to represent the needs of craft brewers in his new position as a NBIC representative.

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