Annual Raw Material Survey Open

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Over the past few years, navigating the turbulent supply chain has been one of the biggest challenges for small brewers. Consequently, the Brewers Association (BA) has been providing more frequent supply chain updates to members. If you’re looking for more depth updates, be sure to also check out the latest November/December The New Brewer issue on raw materials, with lots of information on the supply side.

While understanding supply-side factors is critical, the BA also plays a role in communicating small brewer demand for various raw materials externally to both suppliers and in government affairs. Our biggest tool in doing so is our annual raw material survey, which asks brewers at a high level to provide data on their hop, barley, and fermentables use.

We’re launching that survey again with the goal to provide the latest data to supply industries, as well as in our government affairs efforts in 2023. This data also allows brewers to benchmark their material use against a broader set of their peers and see trends in usage over time. I hope you’ll take a few minutes and fill it out.

If you have any questions about the survey or our broader data efforts, please email: