Yeast Flatulence or Eructation (CO2): What Are the Effects and How to Control It

CBC Online 2020
Speakers: Dave Huizen

Carbon Dioxide exposures are a significant health hazard to brewers, especially at a high level. This seminar presents the results of a year-long study on what CO2 levels are found in different sized craft breweries and in different areas within a brewery. It also examines the effects of lower levels (less than 5000 ppm) of CO2 exposure on a brewer’s heart rate in specific brewing tasks. Lastly, it examines the effectiveness of controls implemented to reduce CO2 exposure and ergonomic stress in order to reduce brewers heart rate and fatigue.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine what CO2 levels may be present in their breweries Understand the effects of CO2 on a brewer Know what levels CO2 and what job tasks can affect a brewers heart rate Determine the effectiveness of exposure and ergonomic controls to reduce the heart rate of brewers performing a task in an effort to reduce fatigue

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