Use of Advanced Hop Products for Sustainability, Beer Stream Diversification, and Consistency

Craft Brewers Conference 2023
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Speakers: Pattie Aron, Vinnie Cilurzo, Alec Mull, Colin Wilson

This seminar will educate the brewer in the use of advanced hop products, extracts, and distillates to achieve consistent desirable beer bittering and flavor outcomes. We will discuss historical advancements in downstream hop product applications (extracts and beyond) and CO2 extraction technologies. Come learn how to use hop extracts, cryo-hops, modified hop extracts, as well as hop oil fractions, distillates, and other advanced hop products to improve beer yields, streamline brewing processes, and optimize costs and energy inputs to achieve sustainable and dependable hop character.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insight and learnings on CO2 extraction of hops in terms of quality and chemistry outcomes Learn about different pellet types and sizes and impact on utilization, as well as flavor outcomes, including enriched pellet applications Understand basic chemistry behind modified hop extracts and usage for light stable, foam, anti microbial and balanced bitterness applications Understand impact of using extracts as replacements for pellet or whole hop charges in terms of cost, utilization, and flavor outcomes Understand the use of advanced hop product formulations and effects on solubility and utilization for targeted additions on hot and cold side additions Gain insight into the breadth and depth of products commercially available for brewers to use, from extracts, to hop oil fractions, to purified distillates, and beyond, to improve beer flavor and consistency, as well as improve beer yields Discuss how to work with suppliers and extractors about contracting and setting extraction parameters for pellet hops of the same lot(s) Learn how to assess quality of CO2 extracts and other hop products with extended shelf lives

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