TTB Bootcamp for Brewers

Craft Brewers Conference 2021
Location: Denver, Colorado
Speakers: Janelle Christian, Stacey Cochiara, Susan Evans, Melissa Keller, Paula Landsberger

The TTB Bootcamp for Brewers is a series of five sessions designed to give both new and established brewers explanations of TTB requirements, as well as tips for how to avoid common pitfalls.

Introduction to TTB Bootcamp

This introductory session will cover three topics:

  • An overview of the TTB and the functions we perform that are relevant to brewers
  • The TTB laws and regulations that apply to brewers
  • The highlights of TTB Brewer’s Notices (brewery permits)

Low and No Alcohol Beers and Malt Beverages

These products are growing in popularity, and it can be confusing to figure out how they are regulated by the TTB. In this session, we’ll cover the basic TTB requirements for producing and labeling low and no alcohol brewery products. We’ll also touch on what other TTB regulations may apply, such as formulas, advertising, and trade practices.

Taxes, Returns, and Operational Reports

In this session, we’ll cover what you need to know about federal beer excise taxes, including calculating how much tax you owe, filing your tax returns, and completing brewery operational reports. We’ll also include some tips on how to avoid problems that might negatively impact how much tax you owe.


Some beers require TTB formula approval, and in this session you’ll learn how the ingredients and processes you use to make your beer impact whether or not you’ll need it. We’ll cover how to determine if your product requires a formula (and which kinds have been exempted from formula approval), and how to apply for formula approval. We’ll go over the information and supporting documents you need to include when you apply for formula approval, and tips on how to submit a formula that we can evaluate without having to come back to you for additional information. We’ll also include the latest on using CBD, hemp, or hemp derivatives.


The primary purpose of TTB labeling requirements is to make sure consumers get adequate information about what they are purchasing and are not misled about its age, origin, or identity. To that end, beer labels must include certain information based on how they are formulated and where they will be sold. This session will cover all of the mandatory labeling information for beers and malt beverages, including hard seltzers, as outlined in the labeling regulations and the relevant TTB rulings. We’ll also tell you the top label and application errors that we see and give you tips on how to avoid them!

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