Transparency, Truth, and Trust: Brewery Leadership Via Open Book Management

Craft Brewers Conference 2021
Location: Denver, Colorado
Speakers: Audra Gaiziunas, Kary Shumway

Open book management is a system where financial information is shared with employees so that they can make better decisions. Better decisions lead to better financial outcomes, and better financial outcomes lead to a stronger brewery business for everyone. There are so many upsides to a culture where there is a high degree of trust, where alignment is powerful, and where people’s good ideas are implemented regularly and we trust their understanding of the business. It helps people to know their role in the larger picture. Knowledge is power.

“If you ask people to think and act like owners, you need them to understand how the business runs. There’s a lot of power in that.” – New Belgium Brewing co-workers

In this presentation, you will learn the basics of Open Book Management (OBM), including how to train employees in financial literacy, empower your team to make decisions, and reward employees when financial goals are achieved. Our presenters, who have implemented and practiced Open Book Management, will share best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and lessons learned during their OBM experiences.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the basics of what the Open Book Management system is (and what it isn’t)
  • Understand the key questions to ask when evaluating whether Open Book Management is right for your brewery
  • Learn the steps to implement an Open Book Management system in your brewery
  • Apply lessons learned from several examples of Open Book Management currently being practiced at small to mid-sized breweries

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