THRIVE Workshop – How to Be Dedicated to HR When You Don’t Have Dedicated HR

Craft Brewers Conference 2022
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Speakers: Holly Haslam

The average Brewers Association member brewery produces about 600 barrels annually and has roughly a dozen staff members. What can these small and independent breweries do to prioritize their people when they aren’t large enough for a dedicated HR department or professional? In this seminar, the Brewers Association’s first-ever Human Resources Partner Holly Haslam discusses the most important human resources policies and practices for small breweries and strategies for utilizing third-party resources and services.

About the Speakers

Holly Haslam

Holly Haslam, Human Resources Partner

Brewers Association

Holly Haslam recently joined the Brewers Association as the Human Resources (HR) Partner. Originally from the Great Beer State of Michigan, she moved to Colorado in 2019 with her husband and dog. A graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a Masters degree in Business Administration and emphasis in Human Resource Management, Holly volunteers her time with the Boulder Area HR Association as their Co-Vice President of Programming. With experience introducing HR functions, employee engagement initiatives, and training and advancement programs to companies, she specializes in helping small organizations build programs that aid in employee professional development and retention. Holly utilizes the insight and experience she has gained working within small organizations to equip breweries with the knowledge and resources needed to take care of their most valuable assets—their people!

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