THRIVE Workshop – Dispatches from Minneapolis: Three Years of the Brewing Change Collaborative

Craft Brewers Conference 2022
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Speakers: Jeremy Moran, Jennifer Ray-Jones, Elle Rhodes, Nasreen Sajady

Brewing Change Collaborative is a Twin Cities based nonprofit organization that works to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion for people of color in the brewing and beverage industries through advocacy, outreach, and education. In this panel discussion, members of Brewing Change Collaborative share how it has met brewing industry needs for community and advocacy, particularly after the murder of George Floyd rocked their community. They also discuss critical lessons learned as industry advocates over the past three years and provide actionable examples of what industry professionals can do to improve the experiences for their people and community.

About the Speakers

Jeremy Moran

Jeremy Moran, President of Advocacy

Brewing Change Collaborative

Jeremy Moran is the President of Advocacy for Brewing Change Collaborative. Jeremy is a first generation Mexican/American (Chicano) that was born and raised in The Bronx. He moved to Minnesota in 2015 and has worked at Sociable Cider Werks since 2016, where he started as a brand ambassador and is currently the off-premise sales manager.

Jennifer Ray-Jones

Jennifer Ray-Jones, Divisional of Planning - Adult Beverages


Jennifer Ray-Jones is a 15-plus year retail veteran, currently employed as Divisional of Planning - Adult Beverages for Target Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Jennifer achieved her level one Cicerone certification in 2017 during her tenure at Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis. She earned beer judge certification from the Beer Judge Certification Program in 2019.

Jennifer has been a member of Brewing Change Collaborative in Minneapolis since 2019 and served on the 2021-2022 board of directors at Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative, also in Minneapolis, as Race and Equity Chair.

Elle Rhodes

Elle Rhodes, Co-Founder & Director

Brewing Change Collaborative

Elle Rhodes is a co-founder and director of Brewing Change Collaborative, a nonprofit with the mission to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion for People of Color in the brewing and beverage industry.

She is also the National Director of Sales for Du Nord Social Spirits, the nation's first (legal) Black-owned distillery, which is based in Minneapolis. In addition, she is a Director on the board of Infinite Ingredient, a nonprofit with the mission to actively support the mental and physical well-being of individuals working in the craft beverage industry.

Elle is a Philadelphia native and Minnesota resident. She highly values a great Czech Pilsner, a good Shiraz, a delicious Pechuga, Al's Breakfast, and her favorite pie is French Silk.

Nasreen Sajady

Nasreen Sajady, Founder

Brewing Change Collaboration

Nasreen Sajady is one of the founders of Brewing Change Collaborative in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has well over a decade of experience working in food, pharmaceutical, and medical device production, and has been in the industry for over seven years as a quality consultant with her business, The Microbrewologist. She has shifted careers slightly and now works as a teacher, teaching science at an alternative school in North Minneapolis. She is an abolitionist, anti-racist, anti-patriarchy, anti-classist, fighting for a safer world for all.