The Scorching Truth About Brewery Burns… and How to Avoid Them Altogether

Craft Brewers Conference 2019
Location: Denver, Colorado
Speakers: Matt Stinchfield

Brewery processes create many possibilities for burns. These include thermal, chemical, and electrical hazards. This presentation starts with the physiological processes of burns, as well as the local and systemic injuries they cause, emergency treatment, and long-term effects. We then take a look at both common and lesser known burn hazards. For each type of hazard, we’ll look at preventative and protective strategies. While emphasis is on kettle boil-overs, this presentation describes a total of eight different burn hazards and offers a sample hazard assessment for each.

Learning Objectives:

Learn how burns damage the body and prevent healing; Learn the types of thermal hazards: scalding water, boil-overs, steam, and direct contact; Learn about chemical burns from corrosives and oxidizers; Learn about electrical burns caused by electric shock and arc fault; Obtain hazard analyses, with prevention and protection strategies for all eight types of burns

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