The Burden of Burnout

Craft Brewers Conference 2023
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Speakers: Katie Muggli

Burnout in the craft beer industry is rampant, and has only been exacerbated by the events of the past few years. What does burnout look like? Why and how does it happen? How do leaders create environments that are free of burnout? Learn what burnout is, how it impacts the body, and practical ways to prevent and combat it, both as a leader and as an individual.

We will share preliminary 2023 Infinite Ingredient Burnout Survey results, and look at any changes that may have happened since the 2022 survey.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what burnout is and why it is important to understand Understand how to recognize burnout Discuss how burnout impacts an individual's body Explore ways to combat burnout as an individual, and how to better prevent, recognize, and combat it as a leader

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