The Benefits of Having Your Brands in the Beer Industry Master Product Catalog

Craft Brewers Conference 2021
Location: Denver, Colorado
Speakers: Chris Barnes, David Christman, Matt Moberly

In late 2020, after conducting a lengthy feasibility study and RFI process, the Beer Industry Electronic Commerce Coalition (BIECC) selected a company to build, manage, and maintain an industry Master Product Catalog (MPC). The vision behind the MPC is simple: to create a single source where all basic beer item information can originate from. Rather than dozens of individually maintained catalogs that often contain old images and inaccurate data, the MPC allows distributors, retailers, and solution providers open access to reliable, accurate item data. This session will discuss the benefits of the Master Product Catalog, as well as offer a brief tutorial to brewers walking them through the various options they have to input their brands into the catalog.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the various ways a Master Product Catalog for the beer industry will benefit all three tiers and provide an easier path for craft brewers to work with hundreds of retailers
  • Receive a tutorial on the Master Product Catalog, including the item attributes required for each SKU and the various ways item data can be uploaded to the catalog, from free self-service options to full-service assistance
  • Learn more about what the BIECC is and some other projects and initiatives it’s undertaken on behalf of the beer industry

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