Thailand, Singapore & South East Asia: Rising Markets in Craft Beer

Craft Brewers Conference 2023
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Speakers: Chris Roberts

In this seminar, we will look at the key Southeast Asian markets of Singapore and Thailand, as well as provide an overview of the region overall. Speaker Chris Roberts will walk through the options in the market, explain compliance and tax differences between each country, discuss how beer reaches the consumer, and explore who the consumers are and what drives their decision in purchasing. Then, he will dive into what importers and large retailers expect from their suppliers, and therefore what you—the exporting brewery—needs to be able to provide to succeed.

Learning Objectives:

  • "> Get an accurate picture of the current market for craft beer in Southeast Asia and discuss where the markets will likely go, assuming the continued diminishment of COVID-19
  • and no additional negative geopolitical events
  • "> Understand the scope of competition in the region
  • "> Learn what a brewery is expected to do to be a top supplier
  • "> See what success looks like in the short- and long-term

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