Tasting from Field to Glass: Using Flavor Data to Develop Products

Craft Brewers Conference 2022
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Speakers: Lindsay Barr, Tiffany Pitra, Tessa Schilaty

We’ve all had the blissful experience of tasting a product and wondering, “how did they perfectly nail this?” Some products taste like they were made just for you because they were! In this seminar we demystify how these breakthrough products are made by using flavor data. Sensory and product development experts highlight approachable sensory techniques any brewery can use to produce innovative products. Through two fascinating case studies, you’ll learn how Yakima Chief Hops combined expert panel and consumer feedback to develop their innovative Cryo Pop®, and how Valley Malt is leveraging their brewer relationships to build a Maris Otter look-alike. Learn how relationships between raw materials producers and brewers are shifting the sourcing landscape and helping you can build better beer.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to leverage the supply chain’s connectedness to make delicious products
  • Discuss concrete steps for using consumer and expert tasting data to develop consistent products
  • Learn key tasting methods and techniques to use in product development and quality control

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