Yeast Cell Counting and Viability Measurement and Methods to Automate It | Presented by Oculyze [Sponsored]

CBC Online 2020
Speakers: Ulrich M. Tillich

This seminar begins with a very brief introduction into “what is yeast,” followed by “why cell count is important,” and how concentration and viability relate to each other. Then it looks into the consequences (off flavors, stuck fermentations etc.) of not having the correct cell count. Then, when we know why we should care, we look into the most common method to determine concentration and viability (counting chamber/ haemocytometer + microscope). There will be some on screen tasks for the participants to better understand the counting challenges and compare the results with the presenter and the other participants.

After this task you’ll probably want to learn about alternative, automated methods to perform this repetitive and tedious task. We’ll show you what Oculyze has to offer and will also share with you our market/competitor overview to help you in your due diligence when buying an automated yeast cell counter.

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