Extend Your Shelf Life: How to Leverage the Science of Beer Quality | Presented by Pall [Sponsored]

CBC Online 2020
Speakers: Ken Belau, Peter Kiley

Today consumers expect a beer with a long shelf life free of changes in clarity and appearance. Flavor, colloidal, and microbial stability are the main influencing quality criteria for shelf life of packaged beer. Contaminants such as particles, crystals, treatment residue, organic aggregates, bacteria, and yeast can all jeopardize the quality and stability of your beer.

This seminar explores the science of beer quality and how leveraging filtration and stabilization efficiently removes quality and stability risks and enables total process control. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Flavor Stability: How to ensure clarity and taste with a sustainable process that keeps beer characteristics unchanged from keg to keg and bottle to bottle.
  • Colloidal Stability: How to optimize colloidal beer stability with no noticeable change in beer composition.
  • Microbial Stability: How to quickly detect beer spoilers and more efficiently achieve higher microbial safety with unchanged freshness and taste stability.

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