Safety Bootcamp

Craft Brewers Conference 2019
Location: Denver, Colorado
Speakers: Andrew Dagnan, Andy Clearwaters, Brian Godfrey, Chris Bogdanoff, Larry Horwitz, Matt Stinchfield, Tony McCrimmon,

The Brewers Association Safety Bootcamp is designed for brewers, cellar workers, packagers, managers and owners. This bootcamp is focused on identifying and reducing hazards in the brewery. A hand-picked team of six brewing industry safety instructors will inform and entertain while they cover such vital topics as hazard assessment, working surfaces and elevated working; electrical, mechanical, and noise hazards; material handling, chemical safety, and confined spaces. Special segments will address dry hopping practices, kettle boilovers, and pressure/vacuum failures in the cellar. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion for your safety records. Same day walk-up registration available onsite.

Learning Objectives:

Climb four simple steps to hazard assessment to awaken your innermost SOP; Avoid the pitfalls of working surfaces, elevated working, and ladders; Get charged up over electrical safety, hand tools, and energy control; Elevate your knowledge of forklifts and material handling; Accessorize your chemical safety with proper protective clothing; Dive deep on confined spaces, pressure relief, boilovers and dryhopping