Pumps and Piping Systems: Correct Layout for Longevity, Energy Savings and Gentle Product Treatment

Craft Brewers Conference 2019
Location: Denver, Colorado
Speakers: Deniz Bilge

Pumps are fundamental machines in the brewing industry. In the brewhouse they transport wort from one vessel to another. In the cellar, they convey green beer, yeast, DE or filtrate, just to name a few. The application conditions that pumps have to deal with are manyfold. In choosing the correct pump for a certain process, however, there are some common but easily avoidable mistakes. This seminar will provide insight into pump systems and pump curves, operating points, cavitation and NPSH, as well as the general functioning of different pump types. The understanding of these mechanisms can not only extend the lifetime of the pump, but also help to reduce operating costs with regard to efficiency figures.

Learning Objectives:

Explore the operation principles of different pump types; Discover what "system head" and "system curve" mean and what happens when they meet with the pump curve; Learn the reason for cavitation (one of the main causes of damaged pumps) and how it can be avoided; Understand what the above technological parameters have to do with efficiency as well as product quality

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