Practical No-Cost and Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your Brewery Safety Program

Craft Brewers Conference 2023
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Speakers: Jeffrey Mason

No matter the size of your brewery—from brewpub, to packaging, to regional—it is under the same Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance guidelines and requirements for keeping the brewery and employees safe. There are a number of no- and low-cost activities and initiatives that will improve your progress towards your goals for a safer workplace. Some of these solutions may seem outside the realm of “safety,” but will have an indirect and positive effect on your safety program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss how a safe brewery starts at the top Learn how to use the OSHA Small Business Safety and Health Handbook as a resource Understand how to utilize your state's OSHA consultation services Explore how to find and make sue of your workers' compensation carrier's consultation and training resources Start mobilizing your safety committee to gain more eyes and ears in the brewery Identify how to conduct routine Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), housekeeping, and safety walk-throughs Get to know why cleanliness is the next step to "safety-ness" Dicuss how to eliminate Flat Surface Crap (FSC) as a safety initiative Dive into ways to build employee relationships to improve your safety culture Work towards the ultimate goal of catching, recognizing, and rewarding safe behavior Related Resources Brewers Association Safety Resources How to Find OSHA Help and Outside of OSHA Assistance OSHA Small Business Handbook Self Inspection Template Safety Accident Inquiry OSHA State Consultation Resource Directory Nominate yourself or a peer for Great Catch! Recognition

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