Practical Enzymatic Brewing

CBC Online 2020
Speakers: Alan Windhausen

In an industry dealing with shifting trends, where brewers are constantly working toward increasing efficiency and quality, it is necessary to reevaluate our relationship to the processes that underly production, from mash-in to clarification.

This seminar is a companion to the Basic Enzymology for Brewing seminar (which focuses on how to most effectively use enzymes in the brewing process). This presentation is intermediate level, as an in-depth exploration of both endogenous and exogenous enzymes in brewing, covering:

  • Endogenous to malted grains (how and why they form, their nature, and their tolerances), and how to utilize them both within those tolerances and beyond their extremes
  • The nature and use of exogenous enzymes, e.g. sources and production of exogenous enzymes (and the implications for vegans)
  • How to create specialty products like Brut beers, and other novel brewing uses (low carb, gluten free, etc.)
  • Using clarity enzymes for filtration (as well as their usage and limitations with gluten-reduction)

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the sources of both endogenous and exogenous enzymes
  • Be able to push endogenous enzymes and increase their effect
  • Have a greater understanding of sources and varieties of exogenous enzymes
  • Have an appreciation of exogenous enzymes’ limitations and potential downsides
  • Gain a sense of possible new products made possible by smart enzyme usage

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