Instagram vs. Reality: Analyzing Beer Trends at Restaurants

Craft Brewers Conference 2022
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Speakers: Kyle Chamberlin

Most of us at the Craft Brewers Conference already have some level of expertise in beer trends: we follow fellow breweries on social media, we rate beers (or at least watch others’ ratings) on Untappd, we read Bart Watson’s Insights & Analysis data posts, and we trade hard-to-find bottles with other industry professionals nationwide. But the reality is that most beer drinkers don’t have that level of knowledge and passion for beer, and what’s cutting edge for us might be unfamiliar or even off-putting to the average beer drinker. While insiders like us might have an outsized role in creating the next big thing down the road, the average beer drinker drives what sells today.

During this session we step outside the taproom and analyze the beer offerings at thousands of restaurants from TGI Friday’s to James Beard Award winners to understand what everyday beer drinkers see when they go out to eat. We compare and contrast these trends with what’s hot within our bubble to help you make better decisions when picking what to brew next. We also look at which hyped beer styles have the most potential to go mainstream in 2022 and beyond.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what styles of beer are growing and declining on restaurant menus
  • See how restaurant menu trends compare with the styles of beer that have the most hype in the beer world
  • Profile the average beer drinker in the U.S., and see what styles are most appealing to them
  • Uncover which hyped beer styles have the greatest potential to catch on in the mainstream in 2022 and beyond

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