Hard Seltzer 101: Development, Production, and Troubleshooting from a Brewer’s Perspective

CBC Online 2020
Speakers: Mike Scott, Kristi McGuire

Hard seltzer is a great option for brewers looking to diversify their current portfolios with the goal of bringing a new customer demographic into the pub or production map. This seminar is a practical guide to getting started, with an emphasis on keeping expenses low, utilizing existing equipment, key differences between beer and seltzer fermentations, research and development strategies, seltzer recipe formulation and processes, and best practices for maintaining high quality product.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the difference between malt based and simple sugar based fermentations, and identify potential stumbling blocks
  • Understand calculations for ABV, backsweetening, dilution, and flavoring
  • Equipment considerations, including what existing equipment you can use and what is worth investing in
  • Preservatives and packaging concerns

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