Finishing Processes: From Brilli(A)nt to Ha(Z)y

CBC Online 2020
Speakers: John Mallett, Aaron Moberger

For years at Harpoon Brewery, IPA was king. Then 3,000 more breweries opened and invented a million new styles and we had to wrap our heads around making all of them – from brilliant, chill-proof pilsner to so-hazy-you-could-float-a-penny-on-it New England style IPA – with the same equipment we had been using to make Harpoon IPA and UFO.

This seminar consists of explanations of the techniques we use to make those different styles, with stability and consistency, one after another. How do we do it? Do they have anything besides water in common? Is flour really the secret to stable New England style haze? Come to this seminar to find out!

Learning Objectives:

  • Finishing and stabilization regimens for:
    • Pilsner
    • English Ale
    • Witbier
    • New England Style IPA
  • How to tweak your equipment to suit several different styles
  • Performing efficient change-overs between styles

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