Exploring Untapped Sources for Future Employees, Ambassadors, and Collaborators

Craft Brewers Conference 2021
Location: Denver, Colorado
Speakers: Sarah Perez, Ashlie Randolph

Your brewery has made a commitment to diversifying its talent pool, but you aren’t sure where to find potential hires with a different background than our own. Not to mention, the thought of posting yet another ad on a recruitment site brings you to tears. You have created an amazing brewery that’s one of the best places to work in town…so why aren’t these awesome candidates coming to you? Chances are that these candidates aren’t aware that the skills and experience they have are just what you need! This session will explore how your brewery can create various pipelines that will flow excellent individuals to you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying personnel needs of your organization and other jobs or industries that cultivate skills essential to these roles
  • Creating your pipeline: cultivating relationships with community partners and organizations that will refer your next rockstar employee to you
  • How to leverage community fixtures as contractors (i.e. artists in resident)
  • Education and exposure opportunities that lead to employment

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