Efficient Hop Flavor

CBC Online 2020
Speakers: Phil Chou

In a world of ever-increasing competition, brewers are seeking more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce flavorful beer. Hop pellets have been the traditional means by which brewers have imparted bitterness, taste, and aroma during the beer production. However, the use of pellets results in significant amounts of beer loss and contributes to brewery solid waste streams. Greater process efficiencies are realized when hop-based extracts are used in place of pellets. Beer loss due to absorption on to vegetative matter is eliminated, less solid waste is generated, and supply chain costs (shipping, storage) are reduced. Hop extracts find applications in many production areas ranging from the hot side (brewhouse, whirlpool) to the cold side (fermenters, bright tanks, packaging). While efficiency and sustainability are important, extracts provide the brewer with versatile flavor options. From bitterness to varietal-specific hop taste and aroma, there is an extract available to address these needs. This combination of flavor and efficiency makes hop extracts extremely attractive options in most brewing recipes.

Phillip Chou,1 Michael Visgil,1 Virgil McDonald,1 and Christina Schoenberger2

1John I. Haas, Inc. and 2BarthHaas, GmbH & Co. KG

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