Draught Beer Quality Workshop: Cask Ale

Craft Brewers Conference 2022
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Speakers: David Munro, Neil Witte

The Draught Beer Quality Workshop is a collaboration of draught quality related seminars conducted by members of the Brewers Association Draught Beer Quality Subcommittee. The intention of this workshop is to provide education for brewers, retailers, distributors, line cleaners, and draught installation companies on best practices for draught beer.

Sessions in this workshop are broken into two tracks: “Essential” and “Elective.” Essential seminars contain content essential for draught systems at every bar, restaurant, or brewpub. Elective seminars have either more specialized or advanced content.

Essential Sessions

  • Line Cleaning and Safety
  • Draught Beer Sensory
  • Equipment and Troubleshooting

Elective Sessions

  • Nitro Beer Dispense
  • Dispense Gas Mechanics and System Balance
  • Serving Cask Beer

About the Speakers

David Munro

David Munro, Bell's Sales Projects Specialist

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

David Munro is a Sales Projects Specialist for Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan. David brought his love for beer and his experience as a chef, manager, and restaurant owner to the U.S. from England in 1991. After changing his career path in 1996, David began his professional beer journey by working in both on- and off-premise wholesaler distribution, leading to sales management at one of the largest brewers in the country. David joined Bell's Brewery more than 12 years ago in 2009. A passion for high quality beer, not just great beer, is what drives him to seek out "the best pint ever!" Managing Sales Special Projects at Bell's Brewery, David's responsibilities include the development and training of Bell's distributor/wholesale partners, with a focus on specific knowledge and skills that relate to the sales, quality, and history of Bell's beers. David believes that presenting at beer dinners and events (in person and virtually) is fun and rewarding. David is proud to represent Bell's Brewery, along with Bridget Gauntner, on the Brewers Association's Draught Beer Quality Subcommittee, particularly concerning the promotion of craft beer, homebrewing, and beer quality in the U.S. 

Neil Witte

Neil Witte, Owner

Craft Quality Solutions/Tapstar

Neil Witte is a Master Cicerone and 24-year veteran of the beer business, having worked 19 years for Boulevard Brewing Co and Duvel USA. He is now the Exam Director for the Cicerone Certification Program and runs two businesses - Craft Quality Solutions, his draft beer consultation and install company, and TapStar, a draft beer quality certification program for retailers.