Draught Beer Quality Workshop: Calculating Proper Balance and Pours

CBC Online 2020
Speakers: Jaime Jurado

Do you want to know the simple applied mathematics to calculate EXACT blends required of carbon dioxide and nitrogen for long-draw draught dispense and deliver perfectly poured draught beer from the faucet? There’s a free and comprehensive textbook available from the Brewers Association (BA) that has been created and shepherded by the Draught Beer Quality (DBQ) Subcommittee. This (fun!) presentation presents the approach shared in the Draught Beer Quality Manual, 4th edition (DBQM), as well as deeper insights underpinning the information in the manual. Penguins, balloons, and tiny pressure gauges illuminate the whys and hows behind the tables and charts in the manual. This session is for attendees interested in learning how the DBQM can be used for draught system design training and calculating balance to ensure robust and stable draught pours.

Jaime Jurado has designed, installed, and tuned draught dispense systems, has published technical explorations of draught dispense, and is one of the original BA DBQ subcommittee members. On occasion he is invited to present seminars on draught dispense at MBAA and other meetings.

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