Don’t Get Gotcha’d: Regulatory and Compliance Best Practices for Growing Craft Breweries

CBC Online 2020
Speakers: Alex Koral

Whether you’re a new brewery looking to make a big splash, or an established local brewer interested in expanding your presence to new states, what you don’t know about those states’ regulations could cost you! With every state having unique rules for licensing, label registrations, tax reports, and distributor management, the regulatory landscape can be confusing and overwhelming. In this presentation, ShipCompliant by Sovos’s Senior Regulatory Counsel will help break down some of the complexity of interstate distribution regulation and tell you what you need to know to stay in compliance. Getting ahead of regulatory compliance is critical to a growing business; so don’t get caught unawares!

Learning Objectives:

  • Get ahead of regulatory compliance to avoid delays in bringing new products to market
  • Know the regulatory barriers that exist when entering new markets so you can expand your presence with minimal holdup
  • Stay up-to-date on key regulatory issues impacting your business
  • Stay ahead of potential trademark issues, such as someone using your valuable brand and logo

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