Dialing in Haze: Yeast Strain Choice and Dry Hop Timing

Craft Brewers Conference 2022
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Speakers: Laura Burns, Richard Preiss

How do you achieve that consistent, beautiful haze in your hazy IPA? In the early days of New England IPA (NEIPA) recipe design, a common misconception was that you needed non-flocculent yeast to stay in suspension for a hazy beer. This is simply not the case. Brewers already appreciate from anecdotal experience that certain yeast strains are better suited for hazy beer styles, and in fact are a major contributor to stable colloidal haze. This seminar provides recommendations for the most haze-positive yeast strains and current research into what makes these yeast strains so unique.

Another key component to this yeast-dependent colloidal haze is dry hopping. This seminar also covers best dry hopping practices for the development of haze, including dry hop addition timing, dry hop dose, and hop variety-specific effects. While a lot of focus on achieving stable haze has been in the grist, it is fascinating to better understand how yeast strain and dry hopping play into the haze equation.

Learning Objectives:

  • How using the right yeast strain can make it easier to get stable haze in your hazy IPA
  • How to develop stable colloidal haze that won’t spin out or settle out
  • Best dry hopping practices to promote haze

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