Creating and Managing a Production Brewing Schedule

Craft Brewers Conference 2023
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Speakers: Jimmy Coleman

In this seminar you will learn about how to create tools with basic software to help build out achievable production brewing schedules that meet the needs of both production and sales. We will discuss how the long-term plans can be boiled down to actionable, weekly detailed plans for brewing, cellaring, and packaging. We will touch on what level loading production means and how to apply it in your brewery to create a more manageable workload. As with any schedule in a brewery, plans have to be adaptable and flexible once things gets going, so we will go over concepts and things to think about to help minimize the impact of disruptions. Lastly, we will discuss how creating and managing a production plan closely ties to inventory for sales and tools we can use to help manage the correct level of inventories.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create a visual production scheduling template to help plan all areas of production brewing Visually map what happens in real life with a tool to create an executable schedule Consider both long-term and short-term production Boil down long-term production plans to actionable daily and weekly tasks (PMs, cleaning, cellar tasks, quality tasks, and packaging, etc.) Understand how level loading production schedule for seasonality and shelf life of brands/beer styles can create a more manageable weekly workload Understand the variables that drive this and the levers that can be pulled to create it Create a production plan that allows you to deal with the inevitable changes to the schedule and disruptions that alter the plan Demonstrate how production schedules and plans correlate to inventory and how to maintain adequate stock for sales

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