Considerations and Hacks for Canning on a Budget

Craft Brewers Conference 2023
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Speakers: Chris Priebe, Zach Turner

As canning becomes the dominant method of packaging, many brewers find themselves blessed with economical canning lines that are not only slow but lead to frustrating shelf-life concerns through air pickup and sanitation issues. In this seminar, speakers will draw from personal experience to highlight these problems and offer practical suggestions to both increase packaging speeds and shelf stability. They will touch on everything from carbonation, to product in-feed and low-cost modifications, to cleaning, as well as share results from trial and error.

Learning Objectives:

  • Consider some product metrics to aid in canning Understand the advantages and pitfalls of different methods to deliver product to the canner Review methods to reduce foaming issues Walk away with new ideas on re-engineering the canning line to increase speed and reduce air and contaminant pickup Have an opportunity to look at some of the changes and results other brewers have experienced

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