Brewing Hoppy Lagers: Not Just Another IPA

Craft Brewers Conference 2023
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Speakers: Jack Hendler, Ryan Wibby

In this seminar we will take an in depth look at brewing hoppy lagers. Our focus will be on how to create a lager with a well-balanced hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma while maintaining the exceptional crispness that is expected from a lager beer. We will dive into choosing different hop varietals for recipe development, hop use for wort boiling additions, dry hopping, and lagering these hoppy beers. The speakers in this seminar have learned many lessons over the years while brewing these lagers, and learning from these mistakes has allowed them to continually improve the hoppy lager products produced by their breweries.

This presentation will be given by Jack Hendler of Jack’s Abby and Ryan Wibby of Wibby Brewing. Both of these breweries exclusively produce lagers and have received several accolades for their beers. Their years of experience brewing hoppy lagers allow them to have great insight on this style of beer and how to brew it at varying brewery sizes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Think through what factors need to be taken into account when selecting hops for recipe development for hoppy lagers Take home best practices for using hops during wort boil and dry hopping, including timing and quantity Learn techniques and timing for proper maturation of hoppy lagers Understand the differences between producing hoppy ales and lagers

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