Brewing Beer in America Inspired by the Belgian Lambic Tradition

Craft Brewers Conference 2019
Location: Denver, Colorado
Speakers: Ryan Fields

To make traditional Lambic and Gueuze you must brew it in Belgium using traditional methods that have been used for hundreds of years. Many American breweries are respectfully trying to replicate the flavors and aromas found in these beautiful beers, using similar methods to the Belgian’s. Join Ryan Fields, founding brewer/blender of Beachwood Blendery and co-owner/brewer of Wild Fields Brewhouse, as he shares his journey in attempting to unlock some of the mysteries surrounding this style, and key elements he’s learned along the way. The presentation will include an analysis of a short paper written by Fields which involves temperature data from a lambic brewery, genetic analysis of Beachwood Blendery barrels, and bottle analysis of both traditional Belgian Gueuze and Beachwood Blendery beer.

Learning Objectives:

Learn technical elements in recreating flavors and aromas found in traditional Lambic and Gueuze; Take a look at data collected by Beachwood Blendery and discuss how that data was used to guide the barrel program; Discuss potential pitfalls and ways to avoid off-flavors; Maintain respect for the Belgian tradition and history

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