Adding Enzymes to Your Brewing Process: How, Where & Why

Craft Brewers Conference 2023
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Speakers: Alan Windhausen

This seminar is an exploration of the role exogenous enzymes play in brewing. It is designed around the brewing process, highlighting which enzymes are useful at each point and their effect on your product, quality, and consistency. Specific topics that will be covered include: the nature and use of exogenous enzymes throughout the brewing process; enzyme applications to increase efficiencies or develop specialty products; enzyme applications to ensure consistency; other novel brewing uses (low carb, gluten free, etc.); and the use and limitations of clarity enzymes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Walk away with a greater understanding of the sources and varieties of exogenous enzymes Be able to identify where and why to use exogenous enzymes in the brewing process Know the endogenous analogues of exogenous enzymes Understand exogenous enzymes' limitations and potential downsides Gain usable techniques to increase efficiencies or ensure consistency in current products Learn usable techniques to produce new products Related Resources Seminar: Basic Enzymology for Brewing: Background on what enzymes are, where they come from, and how they impact brewing. Seminar: Practical Enzymatic Brewing: More background on enzymes and how they can impact brewing. Seminar: Brewing Additions: Using Nutrition, Enzymes, and Process Aids to Solve Common Brewing Problems: A broader discussion of using process aids in brewing, including some enzymes for specific issues. Technical Brief: Hop Creep: A technical brief on hop creep. Researcher Presentation: Development of Thiols and Thiol Precursors in Different Hop Varieties During Hop Harvest and their Impact on Beer Flavor: Background and research on thiols and thiol precursors.

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