A Practical Approach to Refillable Kegs – Quality, Safety, and Maintenance

CBC Online 2020
Speakers: Steve Bradt

Do you know what is going on inside your kegs? The truth is that many brewers have no idea and neither do they know how to find out. Or worse, they are following practices which pose risks to the quality of the beer and its final presentation, to the safety of their staff and their customers, and to the ultimate success of their draft beer program. This presentation discusses key elements of safety, quality, and function that goes beyond simply “clean, fill, dispense…repeat.” Expect to learn about topics such as keg valve designs, typical equipment failures and how to recognize and prevent them, important factors in keg washing and keg washer design, and familiarity with the proper tools and techniques needed to safely perform routine inspections and maintenance on your keg fleet.

Learning Objectives:

  • Safe handling and key maintenance points for your keg fleet and your draft packaging line
  • How overfilling your kegs costs you money and damages your equipment
  • What damage to look for when your kegs come home so they don’t go back out in a condition that will disappoint your customers
  • Why does a perfectly carbonated beer served on a well-designed draft system still pour buckets of foam?

This seminar was sponsored by:

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