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When it comes to marketing breweries and brewpubs to beer lovers, it’s not all about the beer or the food. editors believe that marketing brewpubs and breweries to beer lovers is about making personal connections between breweries and fans. If you have a people story that you think will resonate with beer lovers on a personal level, editors want to hear from you.

Train Brewery Staff’s Beer 101 Course is a valuable online resource that’s trained thousands of staff members at breweries, brewpubs and others seeking knowledge in the service industry. Reach out to Digital Content Editor Andy Sparhawk for to find out how Beer 101 can help you support your staff.

Share Your News With Beer Fans helps breweries publish event announcements and beer news. Tell craft beer fans how they can support you and your amazing communities and products. Just upload brewery news to by going to the news page-it’s fast and easy!

Cook with Craft Beer

Are you a brewpub who wants to share your favorite recipes with beer lovers? has an in-depth cooking with beer recipe section that we invite you to contribute you. Reach out to editors for details.