Yakima Chief Hops Announces FWD, A New Hop Innovation Program in Partnership with Yakima Chief Ranches

Dec. 4, 2024 – (Yakima, WA) Yakima Chief Hops (YCH), a 100% grower-owned global hop supplier, has partnered with Yakima Chief Ranches to launch FWD, a new hop innovation program focused on data-driven decisions and community involvement. Participating brewers will be granted access to the newest, not-yet-commercialized HBC varieties and products in Yakima Chief Hop’s innovation pipeline. Application registration is open for breweries interested in trialing cutting-edge hop products and promising experimental hop varieties. In its inaugural year, FWD will be welcoming a limited number of enthusiastic participants. Through brewing trials, questionnaires, conversation and sensory analysis, brewers will have the opportunity to guide these products through their final stage of development, assuring YCH is working on the most useful and exciting products in the industry.

FWD was created as a two-way innovation channel, where products are trialed by the intended users and feedback is collected and utilized, which safeguards the investment of farmer partners and provides brewers with tools to expand and evolve their products.

“At Yakima Chief Hops, we believe that true innovation in brewing comes from a symbiosis between the grower’s fields and the brewer’s creativity. With FWD, we’re not just introducing new hop varieties and products; we’re inviting brewers into the heart of our development process. This program is our commitment to craft a future where every sip of beer is a testament to our shared passion for excellence and exploration,” says Tessa Schilaty, Yakima Chief Hops Sensory and Brewing Research Manager.

The ultimate goal of FWD is to have a circular, growing community of brewers working with Yakima Chief Hops to identify and curate the products that keep beer moving forward.

Interested applicants may register at HopFWD.com to join an energized community of innovation.


Yakima Chief Hops 

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