Sustainable Savings for Breweries

Exactwater is in the business of water-sustainability and promises to lower your overhead without compromising operations. By equalizing back pressure over the meter against the public water supply, our device stabilizes the turbulent water and converts into laminar flow, allowing the meter to read more accurately. We increase the efficiency of water/sewer utilities for commercial and industrial businesses – like breweries – which, in turn, reduces monthly overhead (saving the business tens of thousands of annual utility spend). We are the only company on the planet that can guarantee our services to this level!

Our FDA-grade, nationally-approved plumbing technology comes with our 120-Day Efficiency Guarantee as well as a 10 year warranty of the hardware. The ROI is typically very favorable, usually under 18 months. The savings go to the brewery forever after.

Exactwater will improve the efficiency ratio at your brewing facility by our turnkey service which includes installing and optimizing our triple-patented device without change to normal psi and flowrate.

An added perk for breweries? Eliminating cavitation saves a boat-load on equipment maintenance! Breweries nationwide are thrilled to become more sustainable with our USA-made technology. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or email me directly. I’d be happy to provide your brewery with a complimentary customized proposal for your brewing facility.

Exactwater is a proud member of the Brewers Association and looks forward to connecting with you in Vegas later this spring.