Slippery Label or Messy date code?


 The M I C R O J E T

– JetAir  has just updated our Single Nozzle Spot Dryer. The update includes an even more powerful blower

filtered air with every unit, updated stainless steel stand without increasing the cost. 

  • No need for ‘Compressed Air’ or a bulky, noisy, blower
  • Just clean-pure-air at your direction;   anywhere on your containers
  • The MicroJet will “wick away” the moisture using high powered air
  • Very affordable compared to full blower systems, and compressed air
  • Plug and Play, (no complicated electrical hook-ups) 


  • Drying for Labeling
  • Drying for Coding
  • Drying for ‘under crown’ and ‘tops of cans

(805) 654-7000 – (we still like phone calls)






MicroJet 3