Pontoon Brewing fights back against Bevana Partners

Pontoon Brewing Receives Court-Ordered Rejection of Contract with Bevana Partners Through Bankruptcy Proceedings

Sandy Springs, Georgia, February 20th, 2024 – Pontoon Brewing, a distinguished regional craft brewery, announces that the United States Bankruptcy Court approved the rejection of its brewing agreements with Community Brewing Venture, LLC (Bevana Partners). As set forth before the Court, Pontoon Brewing exercised its sound business judgment in seeking rejection, based in part on asserted claims against Bevana for non-payment and breach of contract.

The unfortunate consequence of the bankruptcy filing was the closure of Pontoon Brewing’s Tucker location, opened in October 2022. This facility, slated to be the new production hub, was poised to propel the brewery into heighted regional distribution. Despite the setback, Pontoon Brewing remains resilient and determined to overcome its challenges.

Looking ahead, Pontoon Brewing is excited to announce its intention to resume distribution activities, commencing in May. The brewery will mark this occasion with the highly anticipated launch of its acclaimed brand, Rainbow Smiggles, and the reintroduction of its core beer offerings.

With a renewed focus, Pontoon Brewing will shift attention to its taproom and limited distribution. This strategic move includes an expansion of taproom releases, continued development of IPAs, the introduction of a new specialty IPA bar, barrel-aged stouts, fruited sours, well-refined lagers, non-alcoholic beers, ready-to-drink cocktails, and more.

“We are determined to emerge stronger from this challenging period and are excited to refocus our efforts on our taproom, limited distribution, and a diverse range of high-quality craft beverages,” said Sean O’Keefe, CEO at Pontoon Brewing. “We really wanted this for our community, our staff, our families, and our investors. It was heartbreaking to close our doors, so reopening them again is something we won’t take for granted.”

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About Pontoon Brewing: Pontoon Brewing is an Atlanta-based craft brewery dedicated to producing innovative and high-quality beers. With a commitment to excellence and creativity, Pontoon Brewing has become a respected name in the craft beer industry.