Polar King Commemorates Milestone Employee Anniversary

Polar King International, Inc., America’s leading supplier of outdoor walk-in refrigerated and freezer units, recently honored plant manager Bob Erexson for 40 years of dedicated service to the company. As a token of appreciation, Polar King leadership awarded Erexson a complimentary trip to Ireland.  

“Bob’s work ethic and loyalty over the last four decades has been nothing short of incredible,” says Polar King president Dave Schenkel. “Considering our company is in its 42nd year of operation, Bob has basically been with Polar King from the start. It is employees like him who laid the foundation for building the Polar King brand to what it is today.” He adds, “We were absolutely delighted to surprise Bob with a trip to Ireland to demonstrate our immense gratitude for all his hard work.” 

Schenkel underscores that Erexson is a team player who motivates his colleagues and others around him. “Bob brings nothing but his best every day. He exemplifies the core values of our company and serves as a true inspiration to us all. I know I can confidently speak on behalf of our entire team and say that we take great pride in standing alongside Bob.” 

Schenkel says that Erexson’s dedication is a testament to Polar King’s commitment to fostering a culture of longevity where every employee is treated with respect and appreciation, product quality is paramount, and superior customer service is standard. Since 1982 – two years before Bob’s first day – Polar King has offered top-tier electric ground-resting outdoor walk-in freezer and refrigerator units to a variety of industries, including the foodservice, catering, school administration, pharmaceutical, hospital, first response and government agencies.  

Each walk-in unit is made in the U.S., delivered preassembled, and ready to operate with a simple electrical connection. The units have a 100% seamless fiberglass design, which offers fire-resistant capabilities, promotes a sanitary environment and ensures internal temperatures will remain independent of external conditions.  

To learn more about Polar King’s cold storage solutions, call (877) 224-8674, or visit polarking.com.