Flying Fish Brewing Co. Continues Making Beer for Every Occasion

[BALTIMORE, MD] Flying Fish Brewing Co., a New Jersey-based craft brewery known for its adventurous brews and commitment to quality, will continue its legacy following its acquisition by Guilford Hall Brewery. This strategic move marks a revitalizing new chapter in Flying Fish’s journey in the craft beer industry. The company promises to provide more exceptional beer, along with its known and loved offerings, perfect for every occasion.

Brewing and distribution will continue for Flying Fish Brewing Co. in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, with operations soon expanding to Maryland, and eventually to New York and Virginia. The company will maintain its brand identity, recipes, and dedication to producing exceptional craft beer for its customers and distributors. This acquisition will provide an important opportunity to maintain the inventory and quality of beer under the Flying Fish brand.

The goal of the partnership with Guilford Hall Brewery is to revive and maintain the operations, distribution, and brand presence that Flying Fish established in its legacy. The company’s commitment to quality and consistency remain top priority. “We’re incredibly excited about continuing the dedication to Flying Fish’s brand and products through this opportunity. We look forward to the future growth of both brands,” said Jared Fischer, president of Guilford Hall Brewery. 

Flying Fish’s website will remain active under new ownership.